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JOSStream Movies Boris - Il film

Boris - Il film

A director and his crew attempt to make the transition from the small to the big screen.
JOSStream Movies The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

Gory remake of the Gaston Leroux classic story, only this time, the phantom is not disfigured, but a man who was raised by rats deep under the Paris...
JOSStream Movies Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris Burning?

Near the end of World War II, Gen. Dietrich von Choltitz receives orders to burn down Paris if it becomes clear the Allies are going to invade, or if...
JOSStream Movies The Conformist

The Conformist

A weak-willed Italian man becomes a fascist flunky who goes abroad to arrange the assassination of his old teacher, now a political dissident.
JOSStream Movies The Champion

The Champion

Christian is an extremely talented as well as unpredictable football player. After his latest screw-up, the president of his team decides to assign...
JOSStream Movies The Monster

The Monster

A vicious serial sex killer is on the loose, and landscape gardener and shop-window outfitter Loris is the prime suspect, thanks to his unfortunate...
JOSStream Movies Fantozzi The Return

Fantozzi The Return

Ugo Fantozzi has been ejected from Heaven and is sent back to Earth for a short period of time until the staff in Heaven can get Fantozzi a place...
JOSStream Movies The Music Box

The Music Box

When six-year-old Sophie is tragically orphaned guardianship is assigned to her estranged aunt Annabelle. The two move into a large, eerie, Victorian...
JOSStream Movies Il tempo rimasto

Il tempo rimasto

When the past re-emerges, it can prove to be uncontrollable and become another present, the here and now of a space that is contemporaneously...
JOSStream Movies Immaturi - Il viaggio

Immaturi - Il viaggio

A group of high school friend after many years go to Paros on holiday.
JOSStream Movies Il Posto

Il Posto

With his family mired in financial troubles, Domenico moves to Milan, Italy, from his small town to get a job in lieu of furthering his education. A...
JOSStream Movies Il Grido

Il Grido

A sugar-refinery worker flees his Northern Italy town after a woman refuses his marriage proposal.
JOSStream Movies The Nest

The Nest

Samuel, a boy who lives with his mother Elena in Villa dei Laghi, an isolated manor surrounded by woods, feels trapped in the family routine, growing...
JOSStream Movies The Cyclone

The Cyclone

Levante lives in a small city near Florence and his life is plain and a bit boring, until the day the twister arrives: a bus with six Spanish...
JOSStream Movies Italian Race

Italian Race

Giulia De Martino is a pilot. At seventeen she participates in the GT Championship, under the guidance of her father Mario. But one day everything...
JOSStream Movies The Traffic Policeman

The Traffic Policeman

An unemployed man gets a job as traffic policeman but the traffic in the big city creates innumerous problems for the poor guy.
JOSStream Movies Pleasure Shop on the Avenue

Pleasure Shop on the Avenue

Two thieves rod a drug store and decide to hide out in a porn shop. Soon after when the coast is clear, the thieves take the shop worker with them as...
JOSStream Movies The Night Porter

The Night Porter

A concentration camp survivor discovers her former torturer and lover working as a porter at a hotel in postwar Vienna. When the couple attempt to...
JOSStream Movies Human Capital

Human Capital

The destinies of two families are irrevocably tied together after a cyclist is hit off the road by a jeep in the night before Christmas Eve.
JOSStream Movies Once Upon a Time in Bethlehem

Once Upon a Time in Bethlehem

A thief and a priest end up magically transported in the year 0's Palestine, where they'll have to make sure that the Nativity will follow its course.


JOSStream TV Shows The Young Montalbano

The Young Montalbano

TV Shows
The young "Commisario" detective Salve Montalbano, based in a village, solves mysterious crimes in Sicilia.
JOSStream TV Shows Il maresciallo Rocca

Il maresciallo Rocca

TV Shows
Il maresciallo Rocca is an Italian television series.
JOSStream TV Shows Maltese: The Mafia Detective

Maltese: The Mafia Detective

TV Shows
Inspector Dario Maltese travels from Rome to the city of his birth, Trapani in Sicily, to attend his best friend's wedding. But tragedy strikes and...
JOSStream TV Shows The Monster of Florence

The Monster of Florence

TV Shows
The miniseries tells the eight double murders committed from 1968 to 1985, in the Florentine countryside, where young couples who were massacred...
JOSStream TV Shows Il tredicesimo apostolo

Il tredicesimo apostolo

TV Shows
Il tredicesimo apostolo - Il prescelto is an Italian television series produced in 2012.
JOSStream TV Shows Grisù


TV Shows
The protagonist of the series is a young dragon named Grisù that, despite being the youngest of a large breed of dragons, the Draconis, dreams...
JOSStream TV Shows Il Ritorno di Sandokan

Il Ritorno di Sandokan

TV Shows
The Return of Sandokan is a 1996 television series produced by Germany and Italy. It is the third chapter in the "Sandokan" saga starred by Kabir...
JOSStream TV Shows Il commissario Manara

Il commissario Manara

TV Shows
Il commissario Manara is an Italian television series.
JOSStream TV Shows Il va y avoir du sport

Il va y avoir du sport

TV Shows
A program that tackles major subjects – human, political, cultural, economic and ethical issues – and presents them in a debate format...
JOSStream TV Shows Benito: The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Benito: The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

TV Shows
After rapidly ascending the ranks of the Socialist Party, Benito Mussolini created a Fascist state in 1920s Italy through his use of propaganda and...
JOSStream TV Shows Il commissario

Il commissario

TV Shows
Il commissario is an Italian television series.
JOSStream TV Shows Linda e il brigadiere

Linda e il brigadiere

TV Shows
Linda e il brigadiere is an Italian television series.
JOSStream TV Shows Once Upon a Time... The Americas

Once Upon a Time... The Americas

TV Shows
"Once upon a time ... the Americas" tells us the story of this vast continent, from the very first inhabitants to the present day, including the...


JOSStream Books Garfield’s Pet Force

Garfield’s Pet Force

Jim Davis & Mike Fentz
Garfield's BooClips - The Pet Force Now Available for the Android, iPad, PC and Mac - via www.BooClips.com The only book platform that combines...
JOSStream Books Act of War

Act of War

Jack Cheevers
WINNER OF THE SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON AWARD FOR NAVAL LITERATURE“I devoured Act of War the way I did Flyboys, Flags of Our...
JOSStream Books Patch & Nora - Il primo vero incontro tra Patch e Nora, visto con gli occhi di Patch!

Patch & Nora - Il primo vero incontro tra Patch e Nora, visto con gli occhi di Patch!

Becca Fitzpatrick
Nora è una ragazza come tante. Patch, invece, è un ragazzo bellissimo. Ma non solo: è un angelo caduto. Si incontrano un giorno per caso in un...
JOSStream Books L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus, and Lycidas

L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus, and Lycidas

John Milton
It is a spectacular collection of poems and songs in which Milton's particular dramatic and natural chic is evident. The poetry is effervescent as it...
JOSStream Books Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten

Kenneth Bae
For the first time since his two-year imprisonment in North Korea, Kenneth Bae recounts his dramatic ordeal in vivid detail. While leading a tour...
JOSStream Books As the Wicked Watch

As the Wicked Watch

Tamron Hall
The first in a thrilling new series from Emmy Award-winning TV Host and Journalist Tamron Hall, As The Wicked Watch follows a...
JOSStream Books Larry Bond's First Team: Fires of War

Larry Bond's First Team: Fires of War

Larry Bond & Jim DeFelice
Larry Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Dangerous Ground, and Jim DeFelice have earned widespread acclaim for the gritty authenticity and...
JOSStream Books Il Brutto Anatroccolo

Il Brutto Anatroccolo

Hans Christian Andersen
Il brutto anatroccolo è una fiaba danese di Hans Christian Andersen, pubblicata per la prima volta l'11 novembre 1843 (titolo originale: Den grimme...
JOSStream Books Kim Jong-Il, Revised and Updated

Kim Jong-Il, Revised and Updated

Michael Breen
An expert on North Korea sheds new light on the enigmatic tyrant From his goose-stepping military parades to his clownish macho swagger, North...
JOSStream Books The Banquet (Il Convito)

The Banquet (Il Convito)

1265-1321 Dante Alighieri
This book touches on many areas of learning, not only philosophy but also politics, linguistics, science, and history. In this book Author asserts...
JOSStream Books Il Principe

Il Principe

Niccolò Machiavelli
Il principe è il più noto e controverso trattato politico mai scritto, ed è valso al suo autore, Niccolò Machiavelli, la fama di stratega...
JOSStream Books Il fu Mattia Pascal

Il fu Mattia Pascal

Luigi Pirandello
A cura di Sergio CampaillaEdizione integraleIl fu Mattia Pascal, il più famoso dei romanzi pirandelliani, riveste un’importanza fondamentale nella...
JOSStream Books Il gelato naturale

Il gelato naturale

Alessandra Vian
Vogliamo dare l'opportunità di fare capire alla gente la diversità tra gelato artigianale e gelato naturale, così come una volta vogliamo far...
JOSStream Books Il tempo e il tempio

Il tempo e il tempio

Luigi Giussani
Il libro raccoglie meditazioni tenute tra il nobembre 1994 e il marzo 1995 rappresenta una sorta di breve sintesi ideale di quanto l'Autore, in...
JOSStream Books Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

Andrew Graham-Dixon
You cannot stand underneath the masterwork that is the Sistine Chapel without considering the genius and painstaking work that went into its...
JOSStream Books Il passato è una terra straniera (VINTAGE)

Il passato è una terra straniera (VINTAGE)

Gianrico Carofiglio
Giorgio, studente modello figlio di intellettuali borghesi, ha ventidue anni e una vita normale e un po' noiosa. Francesco è torbido, misterioso e...
JOSStream Books Kill the Angel

Kill the Angel

Sandrone Dazieri
From internationally bestselling author Sandrone Dazieri and featuring “two of the most intriguing detectives to have emerged in recent years”...
JOSStream Books My Job Interview

My Job Interview

Chiara Rotasperti
Questo eBook rappresenta uno strumento utile per preparare laureandi e neolaureati al loro primo colloquio di lavoro. Le sezioni si susseguono...
JOSStream Books Il était une fois... Cinder

Il était une fois... Cinder

Marissa Meyer
Nouvelle préquel inédite de la série " Chroniques Lunaires ", pour découvrir les premiers pas de Cinder dans sa famille d'adoption ! À tout...
JOSStream Books Il taccuino di Bento

Il taccuino di Bento

John Berger
Forse non tutti sanno che il filosofo Baruch Spinoza – detto Bento –, uno degli esponenti del razionalismo del XVII, antesignano...


JOSStream Musics Turkey Gobble

Turkey Gobble ( Thanksgiving Albums)

Thanksgiving FX Sounds
JOSStream Musics il

il ( Il (Deluxe) Albums)

Jean-Michel Blais



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Boris - Il film (2011)

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A director and his crew attempt to make the transition from the small to the big screen.
Release : Apr 01, 2011
Runtime : 108 minutes
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