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Formate disponibile Wet Dream: Prostitute Woman Scanare sigură : 01/31/2023 Ceas HD Descarca HD

Wet Dream: Prostitute Woman (2020)

8.341 Vizualizări
Sang-hee feels lonely whenever she sees her drunkard husband… Whenever her husband comes home late, she is being comforted by Min-gi, the character in the video. Then one day, she learns about a man named Lewis from a business card her friend Mi-yeon gave her, and strange things happen to Sang-hee’s life. Dong-seok, her husband, started to think weirdly about Sang-hee, and Min-gi worries about her because she’s been saying strange things. Unaware who’s telling the truth, Sang-hee is in denial with what’s real, saying that all of this is just a dream. Louis seems to know the situation… Who’s telling the truth… It comes out one by one…
Runtime: 89 minute
Limba: 한국어/조선말
Țară: South Korea

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