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Formate disponibile Toy Girl: Sex App Addiction Scanare sigură : 01/31/2023 Ceas HD Descarca HD

Toy Girl: Sex App Addiction (2020)

2.972 Vizualizări
Manager Park, who sweats when nervous about his zero fashion sense, out of place glasses, and timid personality, secretly has a crush on the new employee Chae. However, Chae is the object of envy of all male employees. She is not approachable and overpowering. Manager Park collects his salary steadily and buys a dating app called Super AI, and started using it. He can receive VIP customer service by entering the picture of Chae and his desired body type. The woman who introduced herself as Ming-ki in the phone communicates perfectly with Manager Park on a completely different level from the other AIs. He enjoys dating with the AI all night long, and when he comes to work and meets her in person, he is confused.
Runtime: 72 minute
Limba: 한국어/조선말
Țară: South Korea

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