A story of an acclaimed self-help writer, Ched Herrera, met an affectionate and outgoing Nurse named Makoy during her hospital confinement when she caught the Coronavirus. Makoy became Ched’s private nurse assigned by her own father, Doctor Herrera, who also works in the same hospital. Because of Makoy’s outgoing personality, he easily got Ched’s attention and curiosity. She then revealed to him that one of her core belief that "one needs to put oneself first more than anyone." This motivated Makoy, who has lived all his life in service of others, to convince her rethink her perspective. They eventually became friends as they continue their lives within the walls of the hospital, promising each other to see themselves outside, especially in Ched's upcoming book launch once she finishes her next book.

Title:The Story of Makoy





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Release: Dec 07, 2022

Runtime: 117 minutes

IMDb: 0 / 10 by 0 users

Popularity: 1.338

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