A stockbroker in a small southern town gets embroiled in an insurance scam with a next-door neighbor that leads to multiple murders when a host of other people want in on the plot. Sheriff Thurmond Fowler, the by-the-book town sheriff for over four decades, works earnestly to try and unravel the town’s mystery and winds up getting more than he bargained for.

Judul:The Minute You Wake Up Dead



Negara:United States of America

Studio:, ,

Pemeran:, , , , ,

Kru:, , , , ,

Kata kunci:

Terbit: Nov 04, 2022

Waktu: 90 menit

IMDb: 5.611 / 10 oleh 36 pengguna

Kepopuleran: 239.398

Anggaran: $0

Pendapatan: $0

Bahasa: English

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