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Choose (2012)

Each of us lives two lives simultaneously: the one we put on when we are born into this passing life of flesh and time, and the one that is eternally ours. Occasionally out current incarnation might nod in acknowledgment of who we once were, as if to a casual acquaintance we brush by on our way to another appointment. As long as those memories remain only the whisper of memory, our two selves manage to coexist in a single body. But when our two selves collide, when our lives overlap intimately, and we can no longer coexist as two separate identities, then a choie is forced upon us. We must either integrate our two lives of go mad, at least in the eyes of this illusory world.
The Awakening series continues in this sequel to the first book, Awakening, as Mary Kate and Con are both pulled back to Avignon, where Con fell beneath the deadly assault of their ancient enemy.
Release : Dec 21, 2012
Author : L.M. Wood
Kind : ebook
File Size Bytes : 306090
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